Reid Southen

Jupiter Ascending

Production design by Hugh Bateup, Direction by Lana and Lilly Wachowski


Warner Bros. Pictures


I had the privilege of working under production designer Hugh Bateup to help bring the world of Jupiter Ascending to life for the Wachowskis with one of the best teams I’ve ever worked with.

Balem’s Lair

Illustrations depicting Balem’s lair inside Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

Gravity Sluice

Ideation of the gravity sluice Jupiter floats down, and an earlier version depicting a levitating river of blood.

Titus' Suite

A number of angles and variations on the base design of Titus' Suitei

Alcazar of Kalique

A number of angles and variations on the base design and atmosphere of Titus' suite.

Abrasax Wedding

Various concepts related to Titus' wedding to Jupiter.

Space Jump

A number of concepts developing the hyperspace jump effect.

Seals & Signets

Concept for the Seals & Signets sequence.

Clipper Brig

Illustration of the brig in Titus' clipper.


Concept and design for ejecting Caine out of the airlock, as well as the life support packs.

Med Chamber

Designs for the med chamber as well as the vials and racks.