Reid Southen

The Matrix Resurrections

Production Design by Hugh Bateup and Peter Walpole, direction by Lana Wachowski


Warner Bros. Pictures


I was fortunate enough to be brought on board The Matrix Resurrections team and reunite with Hugh Bateup, Peter Walpole, Lana Wachowski, and much of the creative team that I worked on Jupiter Ascending with.

I’ve been a Matrix fan since I saw the first one in the theatre as a kid, and it was an absolute dream to be able to contribute to one of my favorite franchises.


Illustrations depicting the vastness of the new underground city IO, as well as Niobe’s Overlook, and the Morpheus shrine.

Factory Fight

Design and ideas for the factory fight, described by Lana Wachowski as a “jungle gym” for stuntmen.

Flythrough of the Factory Fight set.

Factory Fight

Earlier iterations of the factory fight set to be built on location, described by Lana Wachowski as a “jungle gym” for stuntmen.

Bathroom Fight

Layout and mood for the bathroom fight set between Neo and Smith, meant to be reminiscent of the subway fight from the first film, as well as the bathroom fight between Smith and Morpheus.


Shot design for the flashback depicting Neo’s leap and Bugs' witnessing of the event before her awakening.

Sati’s Keep

Initial exploration for Sati’s keep put it on the water in a sort of shrine housing the pool where the Trinity heist is operated from. It later changed to a location at Lands End in San Francisco.

Modal Sequence

This was an exploration/storyboard of how the Modal sequence could operate, with the shifting perspectives and chase between Bugs and Morpheus as they encounter the Agents.